• The long wait is over! "Bad Timing" our first full length studio album will go on sale here on April 20th for the low price of $4.20! This will be for download only. CDs will be on sale at our shows starting at Spirit in Pittsburgh on 4/23/16. After that CDs will be available online. 16 years in the making, this shit better not suck!
  • It's been over a year since my last post but what can you do? I'm a pothead! Anyhow, the CD will be out in April for our announced CD release party. If not, you all have my permission to punch Perm in the nuts! Actually you can punch any of us in the nuts for that debacle, it's probably easier finding Perm then the rest of us. Another Brokenstring Festival has been booked for Aug. 19-21 2016 so mark your calendars and come support local and regional music. Remember to camp and BYOB to this 5th year anniversary super fest! If you don't come YOU LOSE! That's all for now so come out and see us because we sincerely kick all ass!
  • The holidays were awesome now it's time to get some shit going! The album is almost done(er) than it was the last time I wrote here. If all goes well we will release this bitch no later then the next "Another Brokenstring Musicfest". Which by the way is in the makings to possibly be a 3 day festival this year! Other than that come out and see us play! We will melt your fucking faces off!
  • Another Brokenstring festival was wicked awesome this year! Thanks to everyone who made it out to the party!
  • Finally found the paper so here are the rest of the bands that will aid in the face melting extravaganza:  Gasoline Genes (Warren), SFX (Pittsburgh), Ryan Kinal (Warren), Brian McCormik (Rochester), Douglas and the Iron Lung (Pittsburgh), Acoustics with Drew and Mike (The Highlands), and $4 Mistake (Warren). Providing music in between Saturday main stage sets will be: Foot Foot (Skintown). I'll be listing the order of bands for both Friday and Saturday in the near future. But not this near of a future so give it a little more time. Still not yet.....
  • Some more bands to announce for the Brokenstring Festival are: Electra Kings (Warren), Story Time With Phil (Warren), and Boiled Denim  (Pittsburgh). Perm promises big things for the new CD but the more I mention it ,the more the release date gets moved back. Stay tuned for more bands to be announced once I find the paper that Sab wrote all the band names on!
  • OK we're looking more towards mid/late summer for the CD. All you gotta know is we are taking our time to perfecticize the shit out of this album! More bands for Brokenstring  to come.
  • This years Brokenstring Festival has been scheduled for Aug. 15th & 16th 2014. We are proud to announce the first 4 bands that have secured a spot in the line up for this summer. They are: The Whiskey Daredevils (Cleveland), Broke Stranded and Ugly (Pittsburgh), Superlush (Warren), and the award winning Couch Riders (Erie)! More bands TBA.
  • Location of the CD release party is still TBA. We are still trying for 4/19 since it would be slightly difficult to find a bar open in PA on a Sunday night whether it's Easter or not. Keep checking back for more info here and Facebook.